Meet Sarah Plyler

About CFCC

I believe we all desire intimacy and connection. We long for a deep knowing of who we are, and we seek this knowing within ourselves and within our closest relationships. The Center For Conscious Connection (CFCC) was born from these beliefs and honors the need to heal both intrapsychically (within the self) and interpersonally (with others).  CFCC recognizes that the healing process is one that needs to be embodied by the whole self: mind, body, and spirit.  When we recognize that our healing is a spiritual calling and journey, we are reminded that we are spiritual beings living through a human experience. It is our mission and purpose to transform the human experience with unconditional love, radical acceptance, forgiveness, and conscious awakening. CFCC uses experiential, psychospiritual, and attachment based therapies to help individuals and couples release emotional hooks, express authentic truth, and manifest the Self they desire most in their lives and relationships. 


About Sarah


Sarah Plyler, MS, LMFT is the Founder of Center For Conscious Connection. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Integrative Breathwork Practitioner.  Sarah has specialized training in Psychospiritual Integration with Jacquelyn Small, founder of the Eupsychia Institute and acclaimed author of Transformers: Therapists of the Future (1984), Awakening in Time: The Journey from Codependence to Cocreation (2001), and The Sacred Purpose of Being Human (2005).  Sarah has also received specialized training in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy with Michael Barnett, founder of the Atlanta Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Before founding the Center For Conscious Connection, Sarah held former roles as Clinical Director of Austin Recovery, Women’s Program Director of The Arbor, and Adjunct Instructor of Adolescent Development at The University of Alabama.


Sarah has a deep connection to the individual and relational work at CFCC as psychospiritual integration and emotionally focused therapies are essential to her own journey of healing and authentic life expression.  


“I do the work of the heart.  Come take the heart’s journey with me.  Release, Express, and Manifest!” ~ Sarah Plyler, MS, LMFT