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“Sarah has helped me grow as a professional and a human. She has extensive knowledge in a broad range of therapeutic techniques. She explains complex ideas in a down to earth style that makes clear the way to implement changes! She is so easy to talk to and truly cares about people.”

Meet Your Therapist

Sarah Plyler 

My name is Sarah Plyler. I am the Owner and Psychotherapist of Center for Conscious Connection. I believe that we are all on a life journey seeking wholeness and connection. On this journey, we can find ourselves struggling with many challenges, such as addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and relational distress. These conditions can become so consuming that we forget who we are and disconnect from our greater life story. We become stuck in reactive and defensive stances in our relationships that contribute to emotional hurts and destructive behaviors. As we lose connection with our True Self, we experience a sense of loss and confusion that not only makes it difficult to restore relational intimacy but also to recognize what is acceptable and NOT acceptable in a relationship.

My role as counselor is to create a heart-centered environment that allows you to explore your inner self and release the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are blocks to manifesting fulfillment and connection in your life and relationships. I facilitate mind, body, and soul work that helps you reconnect with your own internal wisdom, detach from defeating life scripts, and make conscious your emotional and behavioral choices.  

I treat many life challenges that you may experience on your life journey. I particularly focus on the treatment of relationship issues, addiction, trauma, mood disorders, grief, and feeling lost on your life journey. I have an integrative therapy style rooted in family systems and attachment theories. I use a combination of experiential and expressive therapy techniques such as art, guided imagery, inner child work, and breathwork. My integrative approach allows us to develop a therapeutic process that meets your individual and relational needs.

My licenses and certifications include Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), Family Life Educator (CFLE), and Integrative Breathwork Practitioner.  I have acquired diversified clinical experience and skills working in Alabama, Texas, and Georgia. I have formerly held roles as Adolescent Counselor of Bradford Health Services, Instructor of Adolescent Development at The University of Alabama, Clinical Director of Austin Recovery, and Women’s Program Director of The Arbor. I am a mother of 2 children, and I understand the personal need for balance, connection, and healing within one’s self and one’s relationships.