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Couples Therapy

As humans, we are wired for connection.  The closeness we feel with our partner can be the antidote to our stress and anxiety, as well as the secure base from which we experience the journey of life.  When our connection with our partner is disrupted and the closeness we once felt is replaced with distance and conflict, we experience real distress.  


Couples in distress no longer feel like a team or “on the same page.”  Arguments become cyclical and predictable. Couples often say “I know what will happen” or “I know what my partner will say or do.” The repetitiveness of this interaction reinforces negative and reactive stances to one another, and it activates old, survival skills (fight, flight, or freeze).  A negative interaction cycle takes over in the relationship, and the couple feels stuck and desperate for change.


Center for Conscious Connection provides Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), developed by Sue Johnson, Ph.D.  EFT is a proven method for helping couples resolve conflict and restore connection.  This model pays close attention to the emotions of both partners and their longing for love and connection.  EFT honors each person’s experience in the relationship and uncovers the negative cyclical interactions that are preventing meaningful conversations and connection in the relationship.  

In EFT Couples Therapy you will learn to:

  • De-escalate fighting and conflict

  • Step out of defensive and reactive stances

  • Identify core relationship issues and attachment injuries

  • Practice active and empathic listening

  • Improve communication of needs and primary emotions

  • Engage in emotional repair and forgiveness

"The more securely connected we are to those we love, the more we tune in and respond to their needs as if they were our own. "

Dr. Sue Johnson

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