Experiential  Therapy 

Creative Expression

  • Do you feel defined by your conditions?

  • Is there a sense of disconnection from who you truly are?

  • Are you seeking a deeper understanding of yourself?


Rediscover your True Self through Creative Expression.

Creative Expression is an experiential and expressive arts therapy process for individuals and groups. Creative Expression uses art, music, guided imagery, sculpting, and other art forms. These creative modalities foster a deeper expression and healing of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that drive your conditions.

In Creative Expression you will learn to:

  • Create a personal safe place for emotion regulation and self-soothing

  • Improve coping for uncomfortable or unwanted feeling states

  • De-identify with “false selves” and old life scripts

  • Let go of personal blocks to living out your Greater Story

  • Connect with your own internal wisdom

  • Reclaim a healthy expression of “I AM”

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“Sarah has helped me grow as a professional and a human. She has extensive knowledge in a broad range of therapeutic techniques. She explains complex ideas in a down to earth style that makes clear the way to implement changes! She is so easy to talk to and truly cares about people.”