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Experiential  Therapy

Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work is an experiential and expressive therapy process that facilitates an internal relationship between your adult-self and your child-self.


You might be wondering, why do I need a relationship with my inner child?


For many of us, we experienced wounding in our childhoods. This wounding fragmented our sense of self and contributed to internalized shame-scripts, such as “I am bad,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not lovable,” “I’m unworthy.” These scripts follow us into our adult life affecting our mood, behavior, and relationships. Although we cannot go back in time and change the wounding that occurred, we CAN create a new and healing relationship within ourselves.

Through Inner Child Work you will learn how to provide the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support that your inner child needs. As you become the healthy adult and parent to your inner “little girl” or “little boy,” you will be less inclined to seek your well-being through external sources (e.g., people, places, things, substances).


Inner Child Work uses art, guided imagery, and non-dominant handwriting. These experiential and expressive therapy techniques will help you to have a corrective experience within the self, re-script old life messages, and integrate the inner child into the whole self.

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