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Signature Packages

Awakening the True Self (Individual Package)

  • Do you feel defined by your conditions?

  • Is there a sense of disconnection from who you truly are?

  • Are you seeking a deeper understanding of yourself?

  • Do you identify as an Empath, Intuitive, or Highly Sensitive Person?


Awakening the True Self is a personalized experiential and psychospiritual

therapy process that uses art, music, guided imagery, sculpting, and meditation.

These creative modalities foster a deeper expression and
healing of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that drive your conditions.

Awakening the True Self will help you:

  • Create a personal safe place for emotion regulation and self-soothing

  • Improve coping for uncomfortable or unwanted feeling states

  • De-identify with “false selves” and old life scripts

  • Let go of personal blocks to living out your Greater Life Story

  • Connect with your own internal wisdom

  • Reclaim a healthy expression of “I AM”


Awakening the True Self includes:

  • 1 Individual Assessment

  • 12 (75-minute) Therapy Sessions 

  • 1 (4-hour) Integrative Breathwork Session

  •  Valued at $2,280

  • Purchase this package for $1,980 ($300 in savings)

Healing the Heart (Couples Package)

  •  Do you desire more meaningful connection and intimacy in your relationship?

  •  Do you have a need to feel heard and understood by your partner?

  •  Are you tired of cycling through the same arguments in your relationship?

Healing the Heart is personalized couples therapy through the Emotionally
Focused Therapy Model; a proven method for helping couples resolve
conflict and restore connection.

Healing the Heart will help you:

  • Stabilize your relationship by de-escalating conflict

  • Have emotionally meaningful conversations

  • Forgive injuries

  • Keep the love alive

Healing the Heart includes: 

  • 1 Couple’s Assessment 

  • 2 Individual Assessments

  • 12 (90-minute) couple’s sessions

  • Valued at $3,385

  • Purchase this package for $3,085 ($300 in savings)

Couples Signature Package
Individual Signature Package
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